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Posted By Admin 01 Jun , 2015 , In Hot Topics / Manchester Escorts / 0 Comments

In your opinion do you believe that men are unable to be monogamous? Do they find looking at any woman who they personally find attractive, is the route to a discreetly liaison where other responsibilities are put on hold. Are they like bees going from beautiful flower to flower, sampling the sweetness here and there as they go? Are men in fact unable to resist a beautiful woman who tempts him? Come on guys, let us know how it is for you!

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28 Jul , 2015
How many times does it happen to you

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01 Jun , 2015
The young man with his firm and muscled body is an obvious attrac

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01 Jun , 2015
In your opinion do you believe that men are unable to be monogamo

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01 Jun , 2015
Do you already enjoy, or have you considered taking up the invita